Vipassana Meditation Timer

Courage of investigation

A life of introspection requires courage and tool for exploration. Meditation is our way to go deep into the unexplored and face our demons.

Perfect Illusion

The illusion of perfect

I hear far too often that we are not perfect, perfect does not exist, perfect is unattainable, perfect is an illusion. And again, we are not perfect, nobody’s perfect, we will never be perfect, stop looking for perfection, accept the…

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The end of darkness

The bonfire of life

Sometimes is hard to deal with day to day life, wouldn’t you agree?. Living can be complicated, chaotic, certainly uncontrollable and unexpectedly unfolding … we live in the realm of extreme complexity, surrounded by high end technology, pretending to know…

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Mantra & Perception

Be careful what you wish for

“We can alter the perception of reality, by using a mantra.” In order to be as clear as possible about the content of the blog post, I have made the above statement and placed it on the first line. The…

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