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10 Days Goenka Vipassana Meditation – Part 3

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Passed the first 3 days of Anapana meditation, the time has now come to start with insight meditation the actual technique that leads to Vipassana. The whole group, has now gain tranquillity and enough concentration to be able to begin The Road to Vipassana.

Insight or Vipassana

Mistakenly many people, call Insight Meditation (Satipatthana), Vipassana Meditation. Vipassana is actually the expected result of insight; the actual translation of Vipassanā from Pāli language is  “clear-seeing“, see Wikipedia Vipassana for more info. Insight meditation is the practice which helps us realise the true nature of reality. Without getting too much into details, the technique, according to S.N. Goenka, was rediscovered by Siddhārtha Gautama, the Buddha, during is endeavour of freeing himself from suffering. Having he succeeded in realising the truth and having eradicated suffering from himself, he dedicated the rest of his life freely teaching the technique to anybody willing to learn. Even if Gautama is no longer with us, we can still benefit from his teachings by learning a technique that, according to S.N. Goenka, is as close as it gets to the original technique taught by the Buddha almost 2500 years ago.

Insight meditation technique

The insight meditation technique (Satipatthana), is taught by S.N. Goenka himself over multiple videos and voice recordings, played in sequence during the permanence at the Meditation Center. 6 full days are dedicated to the practice, by the end of which the student should have a very good understanding of what the technique is capable of and he or she should be able to practice it elsewhere without needing guidance. The technique is very simple to learn, but can be hard to put into practice; a resident teacher is there to help the students make the most of Goenka’s teachings and provide guidance; a daily interview with the teacher can be arranged if so desired, in order to discuss problems and receive needed clarifications. Insight meditation takes advantage of the prior Anapana tranquillity in order to maintain a stable mind in the present moment and moves on to insight by working on body scans at the sensorial level. Anybody wanting to learn the details of it, should spend 10 or more days at a Goenka Meditation centre and learn it by doing it, the best way.

How is my experience of Insight Meditation

Should I make a personal comment in regards to the technique? I don’t think so, I wouldn’t want to mislead anyone into thinking anything inappropriate or not correct. I have now been practising constantly the technique, without mixing it with other meditation techniques, for almost 3 months, while maintaining the 5 precept along with it; I am still at the beginning of the learning curve, my behavioural patterns are changing due to the intense meditation time spent at the Meditation centre and the daily practice is helping very much in maintaining and reinforcing the changes. Overall, the technique has within all of the characteristics in order to remind the practitioner of impermanence, equanimity and more.

Metta, Loving-Kindness Meditation

The 10 days Vipassana Meditation course ends on a loving note. S.N. Goenka goes briefly over a simple Metta technique which helps with the development and maintenance of loving-kindness and the cultivation of benevolence; for more info, visit Metta Wikipedia page. A well needed addiction to the overall technique which having been stripped down to bare minimum in order to be taught to the masses (it’s my personal opinion, I don’t know if it is actually true), lacks that outwards element of humility and kindness, very much needed in nowadays world.

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