Be careful what you wish for

Mantra & Perception

“We can alter the perception of reality, by using a mantra.”

In order to be as clear as possible about the content of the blog post, I have made the above statement and placed it on the first line. The following content covers considerations and thoughts in regards to perception and how we can change its inner workings by using a mantra.

Let’s begin by removing some understanding obstacles and learn the meaning of the core concepts of Alteration, Reality, Perception and Mantra.

Definition of terms

Alteration is a substantial change process in which an object either material or mental, changes in shape, form or appearance. The change although substantial is typically small but very significant; in many cases it modifies the meaning attached to that particular object, therefore changing the object’s nature within reality.

Reality is a state of existence considered to be true by the individual experiencing it. Contrarily, an unreal or false existence will be idealistic, notional or fabricated, usually associated with imagination and suppositions. The actuality aspect of reality, which ultimately makes it authentic and true, is experienced through our human senses of  sight, hearing,smell, taste and touch.

Perception (saññā in Pāli language) is a mental impression or process that recognizes and evaluates any stimulation of the 5 human senses, plus the mental object. A glass bottle falls from a table; on reaching the floor it shutters in many pieces; we recognise, interpret and evaluate the sound in a matter of instants. Some bread is baking in the oven; on opening the oven’s door, we immediately recognise, interpret and evaluate the freshly backed bread smell. Same process for the 3 other senses: sight, touch, taste and the mental object that deals with thoughts; a memory vision appears in our mind and we immediately recognise, interpret and evaluate it.
The evaluation part of the perception process turns the meaningless experience into a positive or negative one by tagging it; a pleasant tag could be attached to the lovely smell of baked bread, an unpleasant tag to the sound of the bottle crushing on the floor and a pleasant or unpleasant tag to a childhood memory mental vision. Immediately following the evaluation process is a reaction, which takes place at the mind and/or body level by manifesting as pain, happiness, sadness, joy, tension, hatred and so forth.

Mantra is a Sanskrit language term that used to mean “thought behind word” or similar expression. Nowadays the term has a spiritual meaning and is used to describe a word, sound or chant that carries special powers. The mantra’s repetition, either by being spoken or simply rehearsed in our mind, has the capability to impress the mind and produce outcome in the reality. For instance by repeating to yourself enough times the mantra “I am beautiful”, you will produce the believe of being beautiful and the consequent pleasant sensation. On the other hand, by repeating to yourself the mantra “I am ugly”, you will produce the opposite. Be careful to what you say to yourself, a mantra repeated enough times will change your reality 🙂

The Power of Mantra

A mantra repeated many times with enough intention, while maintaining a high state of awareness, is proven to have the power to make an impression into the karmatic state of reality. Karma (Sanskrit for ‘action, effect, fate’) is the basis for anything to happen or to be created. The mantra makes an alteration to the definition of the next rising moment at the creation level. Saying the mantra once will make a tiny alteration with tiny results; but say the words a thousand times, a million times and the effects will start to show in reality.

In the hope of having been clear and understood, I will now proceed to explaining in simple terms how a mantra can change reality. By the way, thank you for reading so far.

If you are asking yourself the question “is it really true?”, my personal suggestion will be for you to try, and find out for yourself whether is true or not. You might want to have a look at our Meditation Beads to learn more and start your investigation. I have my personal view on the subject and I will try to explain it below; please do understand that I am not trying to change anyone’s mind or push a certain view on the subject. Anyone is entitled to his or her opinion, I have mine 🙂

The creation process

The creation of reality is a process whereby each moment is created on the fly at an incredibly fast speed. Each moment contains everything there is and is subjective to the person experiencing it. Our attachment to each moment and karma, propels the machine of creation; if there would be no desire or attachment and subsequently no action or karma, there will be no creation, everything will remain still, life as we know it, would not exist, no moments will be created.
Ultimately, the profound fear of deaf we have cultivated, makes us grab each moment tight and subsequently labelling it with perception. That way we feel like we own the moment, we feel like we can exercise control over it and therefore we feel like we are “alive”.

It’s movie time

The continuum of the moment by moment creation gives us the cognitive impression of being inside a movie, where a story is being told and we play a part in it. What’s more, we don’t just play a part in the movie as actors, but we actually believe we are the movie director and screen writer at the same time … so many jobs 🙂 The mantra is basically a little voice being spoken and repeated over and over to the actor, the movie director and the screen writer at the same time; eventually one or the other will be affected by it and slightly change the unfolding of the story. Even a minor alteration of the story might produce massive results, so be careful what you wish for!


The analogy of the movie fits our understanding of reality, of the continuum of time and so forth. At an ultimate reality level, none of it matters, none neither exists. The reality construct we experience via our 5+1 senses, is not the ultimate reality and it has simply the objective of keep things going, of maintaining the status quo, of giving the impression to be alive. A mantra can only be used at the level of illusion, the movie level and it is very effective at that level. At the ultimate level is useless, the ultimate level deals with truth, you can say to yourself whatever you want, you can change the story-line as much as you want, but truth remains the truth.

I have purposely kept the this post short and concise in order to spark comments and suggestions. I have not even touched so many topics related to mantra for meditation, sound vibration and so forth. Perhaps you will feel like to leave a comment and ask questions, please go ahead, I will be very happy to reply to the best of my knowledge and learn.

May all beings be happy!


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  1. thank you so much for your brilliant app, its just perfect in its simplicity, and I use it *daily* . Cant say how much of a hidden treasure vipassana meditation is, its priceless.

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