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Meditation practice and ultimate freedom

Freedom not fear

Dear fellow meditators, I hope you are doing well with your practice and getting results. Our common desire of liberation and freedom is the propeller of our daily practice. I hope each one of us can feel the joy that such a profound practice brings, in the awareness of having gone one further step each day towards the ultimate healing of our wound.

What wound am I talking about? I am talking about the wound caused by separation, the ultimate separation from the Truth. The realization of the Truth will bring us out of the suffering condition we all share. If you are reading this post, you are most likely working on the path of liberation and you are aware of the meaning of being a freedom activist, as well as what I mean by “suffering” in Buddhist terms.

As part of my travels, I come across hundreds of people every month, with whom I genuinely and happily share all I know in the total respect of their believes and expectations. Over the past few weeks I have started to realize that having gone so deep into the Buddhist theory and psychology brought me to use certain terminology far too specific and detailed to be fully understood and interpreted correctly by anyone outside of those studies. I was therefore not capable of being understood in a couple of situations that made me realise that although meditation is a common practice for most people I come across, the way the practice is interpreted and applied in day to day life is very different from mine.

I therefore spent some time investigating the issue by first asking questions and establishing a relation with the meditators and then inquire within and explore the real meaning of the interactions as well as content that was shared. I have learned a lot over the past few days and I feel like sharing my new revelations in the hope of helping others to come their own conclusions and ultimately give more meaning and strength to our meditation practice.

The first realization I had is that each person I have come in contact, practices some form of meditation in order to archive different objectives and expected outcomes. Someone says that it helps to sleep better, some other do it to increase concentration and be more effective at work and more people practice to calm down and experience tranquility. There’s many more reasons but I would stop here and say that although each reason is fair and meditation has the capability to bring the above fruits, I consider that sitting time, kind of wasted. I see it has driving a Ferrari to go down the shop to get some some milk. There much more you can do with a Ferrari. Meditation is a way of developing inner observation to be used to explore the whole of reality as in Mind and Matter and allow the practitioner to use that acquired wisdom to free oneself from ultimate suffering and be free. I think that meditating for any other purpose is not a good way to pay respect to our teachers and ourselves too.

Also, many meditators use the practice to dwell in mental objects, getting stacked with thoughts of all sort, being unable to break the loop, observe reality and let things go. I have noticed that in most cases right tools of observation of impermanence, suffering and non self are not being used due to poor training and misinterpretation of the practice. I find that really dangerous as it can produce further grasping and aversion leading to much more suffering than otherwise intended. Many fantastic thoughts and believes reside in those individuals, trying to make sense of something that has no meaning, but it is purely an experience and as that, should be observed and let go.

Well, all of the above makes me feel like it is really hard to relate one other at least at a cognitive level. We are impregnated of impediments to sharing truthful information that can be used to move along the path. My vocabulary will change, my words will become beautiful sounds, every interaction will bring fruits of joy and that might suffice to inspire further inquiry into the people I meet. Any thoughts in regards? Please help me to simplify complexity and be able to express joy and harmony with my fellow beings.

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