The bonfire of life

The end of darkness

Sometimes is hard to deal with day to day life, wouldn’t you agree?. Living can be complicated, chaotic, certainly uncontrollable and unexpectedly unfolding … we live in the realm of extreme complexity, surrounded by high end technology, pretending to know how to deal with it. We live in close contact to each-other, we are part of organized societies and communities. We are surrounded by man made objects and concepts, they are everywhere we look, we compete to give them names and definitions. We put on clothes in the morning before meeting strangers and read … yes, just like you are reading this blog post … we read to feed ourselves with information, food for thought, constantly increasing complexity and ultimately adding wooden logs to the bonfire of reality to keep the flames going and ultimately, I would argue, maintaining the status quo.

The “fire” must go on

But why do we keep the bonfire going? Is all of this stuff, including knowledge and clothes, really helping us in the pursue of happiness, or at least the elimination of suffering? Is that house you are working so hard to pay off, really keeping you safe? Is is really that university degree, you’ve worked so hard to get, making you less vulnerable? Is is really all this stuff, doing what is supposed to do?

Ultimately, I’d say no. It looks to me like we keep the fire going for fear it might just die on us, turning the world as we know it, into a dark and dull place where nothing exists. What would your life be, without everything that surrounds you? Would there be any reason for your existence if you were a naked actor, on an empty stage, in a empty theatre, in complete darkness and isolation?

The choice dilemma

We believe that we have a choice and the choice we make is to live in a complex system where we feel we have a reason to exist. What are the premises of that system is not important to us, what we care about is that we can be part, the play continues and we feel kind of needed and valued. But, is it really a choice? If the underlying motive to keep acting is to escape fear of the darkness and hypothetical loneliness, does that mean that a conscious choice is made? I would say no. It’s not a choice, it is a must do for most of us; we feel the pressure to perform, the fear to be left out and the horror or the unknown darkness.

Collective escapism

I would argue that the only reason life exists, originates from the collective desire to escape the unknown and to have the feeling of control over the uncontrollable. Day to day life gives us plenty of opportunity to question ourselves on the actions we take, but we do not pay attention, we simply constantly react and go with it, we do not express any choice. We just place another log on the fire and feel content with that bit of warmth and light coming from it, that little brightness that allows us to be able to see ourselves and a little more around us, before the darkness.

Turn on the light within

It’s time to realize that we do not need to keep on feeding wooden logs to the fire. We need to take responsibility for our own actions and have the courage to let the fire extinguish itself and face complete darkness. It’s time to overcome our fear and let the fire dye … the bonfire is not us, we need to stop identifying with it. Once the fire will be extinguished, our vision will adapt to the new realm of darkness; the light within us will take over and make us capable to see everywhere and as far as everything is. No obstacles in front of us, limitless vision well past anything that was known before, from light to light, no longer darkness, no longer fear. It’s time, let do it, let’s express our choice.

Any comments? Do not be afraid to express your thought below. Be happy!

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