The illusion of perfect

Perfect Illusion

I hear far too often that we are not perfect, perfect does not exist, perfect is unattainable, perfect is an illusion. And again, we are not perfect, nobody’s perfect, we will never be perfect, stop looking for perfection, accept the reality and don’t make your life messier.

How does the above sounds to you? Do you think the same? Have you heard anybody saying the same? How does it make you feel to read the above? Is it a message of hope? Is it a reality you feel comfortable living in? Give yourself a minute or more, to think about it and come to your own conclusion, I have come to mine.

Well, my opinion is quite the opposite. Let me say right away that I know that each one of us as well as everything else in existence is simply perfect as it is. Let me explain why starting by the “perfect” dictionary definition.

Definition of “Perfect”

“Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be”

Perfect is a term, we commonly use to describe something that is highly desirable, a state of being, an object of attainment, a vision of incredible suitability. Let me start by saying that I see the main requirement for anything to be perfect, the desirability. Something we desire that matches the conditioned assumption of how it should be or how it should perform, give us the projection of “the perfect thing”. Are you following so far? If desire, as the feeling of wanting to have something, is removed from the sentence, perfect does not subsists and the illusion of perfect is over.

The Truth is one

Further more, how can something be perfect for someone and not perfect for someone else? How can the truth be dualistic and contradictory? Perfect is perfect, it should be the same for everyone, anytime, anywhere. But that does not seem to be the case. My perfect home is different from your perfect home. My perfect husband is different from your perfect husband. This differentiation should also make us realise that a level of subjectivity is also a core component of our perception of “perfect”. Unfortunately we even get to the point of thinking and saying “if the house is mine than is perfect, yours is not”; a very easy trap to fall into, in this world of separation and competitiveness.

I say that everything is perfect as it is, in a non relational comparison, where desire is removed and acquisition is a temporary state of being due to its impermanent state. I do not negate that many things in nature might look defected or not perfect, but they can only look that way from a separated and desire filtered point of view. Allow me to say that as human beings, we have the capability as well as the duty to view reality from multiple view points, the more the merrier. A mind set on a single view point sees perfect as the most desirable outcome of reality, missing out on the big picture that only from multiple points of view can be comprehended and experienced.

Nothing is No-Thing

By saying the above, it sounds like I am actually re-stating that perfect does not exist. In fact, yes that is what I am saying but I’d like us also to consider that if “nothing” is perfect, then “no-thing” is perfect. By no-thing I mean, the sum of all, the entirety that we do not consider, the flow of reality we live in, made of all sorts of subjective realities expressed by each one of us. That is perfect, in its complexity and simplicity at the same time, that is perfect in each moment as an expression of reality that cannot be bound to desire or acquisition by nature, as it raises and falls due to its impermanent state. Do you see what I mean? Perfect is only a projection of an illusory reality where tags are placed on everything, where the limited single view filtered by desire, makes us define an illusory projection of a supposedly best outcome.

Well, I say we are perfect as we are, in the flux of the reality stream we perceive moment to moment. When we look at a river we do not consider each particle of water state and outcome as being perfect of not, we see the river and it makes sense; everything that makes up the river has its purpose, a life and objectives, it’s perfect because it exists as part of all, the river in this case.

I hope to have been clear enough, do not hesitate to leave a comment below and we might get a chance to get deeper in the subject. As the last thought, I would like to let everyone know that even if, for most of us, complexity hasn’t yet come to simplicity, starting from a point of view that define us as perfect, cannot be a bad thing; it could help some of us to start truly express his or her best characteristics in the moment, rather than aiming for the supposedly unattainable.

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2 thoughts on “The illusion of perfect

  1. Namaste 🕉️
    The ignorance is the seeking for perfection when we already have it, because it is a thought form we create, the perfection comes from within us because we already contain that which is perfect, but we ignore this and seek for it outside of our self as something that arises from it’s own essence, but all things are empty of essence so it is an endless futile search, like someone searching for the spectacles that are on his head 😀

  2. Beautiful!
    I’ll translate this article in the best way I can to share it with my Brazilian friends.

    Bhavatu Sabba Mangalan

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