Courage of investigation

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Meditation is a mean to dive deep into the abyss of the self.

Andrea Mangiarotti

Inside a one man size submarine, we dive into the deep blue, slowly, meter by meter; as we descend, the light from the sea surface becomes dimer and dimer, till complete darkness is reached. With lights of awareness turned on and with confidence in the robustness of the submarine, we courageously begin to explore the unknown, the depth of us.

Today the “Road to Vipassana” will take us to look into what it takes to act courageously and bold in front of our deepest fears. Can our ugliest and most horrific thoughts and “memories” be equanimously observed, by pointing the light of awareness on them and courageously facing them without reaction? Can we be so fearless to see ourselves into the monster and laugh at it? Can we have such a strength not to retreat, even in the face of death? What do you thing? Yes, you, reading this text, right now; are you daring enough?

First of all, let me ask you. Have you ever met the “monster”, have you ever realized the fact that the “monster” is within you? The monster is the ugly creature; the greedy, the vengeful, the hungry, the violent being. If you haven’t met yet, you will, stop hiding and face it. I know, it’s terrifying and very scary, but it has to be done.

Once, the lights of awareness are turned on, while going into the depth during meditation, we are bound to come across monsters, we are bound to meet our ugly selves and we have to be strong and courageous in order to face them. A lack of courage will simply make us even more of a slave of those aspects of our-self and make us rush back to the surface, the illusory plane of safety. At the surface level only slaves live, only people lacking the courage to go deep to meet the monsters. At the surface, everyone lies, everyone wears multiple masks. The surface is the stage of a never ending theater play; highly entertaining, nothing more than that.

To face the monsters of the abyss, it takes courage. Very few people are equipped with it, most people never in their lives have ever faced a real challenge that required some courage, therefore most people do not even know what courage actually is. The aspect of courage interesting to us is the willingness to suffer, to face uncertainty and ultimately pain and death. Courage is required to face any real existential challenge, to grow spiritually as a human being.

The good news for all of us is that courage can be cultivated, yes it can! How? The practice of meditation in itself has the capability to turn us into courageous underwater deep sea explorers. It will take time for the profound change to happen, years and years of practice, but eventually by facing bigger and bigger, scarier and scarier monsters, we will gradually increase our wisdom, we will remove ignorance and all of those scary monsters will become friendly and approachable creatures, ready to give us all we need in order to learn and grow.

So let’s keep on practicing and may we all be happy!

Any thought on the above? Questions, comments? Please feel free to comment below and I’ll do my best to help.

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1 thought on “Courage of investigation

  1. Die wachsende Bewusstheit über die Vergänglichkeit der körperlichen Existenz kann dem aktuellen Erleben gegenüber Dankbarkeit entstehen lassen. Und somit kann es gelingen die Kunst zu leben mit mehr Energie zu versorgen.
    Ich danke dir für diesen Artikel, für dieses Plädoyer, Mut zu finden, sich den Anforderungen eines Vipassana-Retreats zu stellen.

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